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In three easy steps, Ken will have you fitted for Custom Golf Clubs. For convenience, all work is now done by appointment—so don't hesitate to contact Ken and schedule your fitting.
Why choose Us?

#1: Read our Site

To help you get more information about us, our unique club fitting methods, and our products, please take a close look at this website, then email or call to begin a dialogue with Ken Hurlbert, owner of, founder of Golfcraft Custom Clubs, and a certified personal club fitter. Ken will be the one personally fitting your new clubs for you. If you're not a local resident or planning to travel to our location, please call 661.205.2508 or email Ken, he'll be happy to explain how long distance club fitting can be accomplished. Just so you know, we've been doing successful long-range fitting, worldwide since 1989!

Why choose Us?

#2: Contact Ken

In your first contact with Ken, any questions you have concerning the unique Golfcraft fitting process or the selection of your club components (heads, shaft-type and grips*) will be answered. Be sure and take a look at a few of our favorite suppliers of Custom Club Components. If you elect to have us tailor your new clubs for you, the fitting process will begin. This could be one or more consultations depending on your individual needs. The end result of our dialog will be the golf clubs of your dreams! The clubs that know your swing and fulfill the promise of the Golfcraft Performance Guarantee. *Golfcraft uses only the finest tour grade components.

Why choose Us?

#3: Get a Quote

Once the fitting is complete and you're totally satisfied with your component choices, you'll receive a final quote on the cost of your new clubs. At that point payment arrangements will be handled. Payment is in full by cash, check, or any other way that works for both of us. We'll then purchase all the necessary components and assemble your clubs to the exact specifications we've agreed upon. Your new clubs will be shipped promptly, normally within 5 to 8 working days. Shipping will be by ground unless you specify otherwise and cover any added cost. Shipping costs will never be padded with handling charges. Contact Ken »

Yes, it is this easy!

Check out Ken's golfing history and the backstory of how his own personal experience with custom clubs changed his game!
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